Please visit this link before your photo shoot:
Please be so kind to note if you don’t want photos be posted by me on the Internet, please inform me BEFORE the photo shoot!
In this case 50% of any photo shoot will be added to the cost of the package for confidential photo session!
Please take this into consideration!


When is the best time for booking your newborn shoot?

The best timing to book your newborn shoot is in 1-3 months BEFORE your DUE date. Then I could guarantee the ability of the photoshoot within 2(TWO) weeks when the baby is delivered.

As it's quite hard to predict a date, I’m planning my photoshoots in advance, so I would definitely find a place for your photoshoot in my schedule. It’s really important to announce your delivery ASAP. I could understand, that when the baby will appear, it will be a lot of stuff to do, and your life will be really busy. But as if you will text me when the baby will be older than ONE week, a chance to find a place for the photoshoot will be slightly less.


Please book your photoshoot by contacting me :

Whatsapp +37126342737


At which age is the best time for a newborn photoshoot?

The most common timing for a newborn photoshoot in between newborn photographers is 5 to 15 days old, as later normally, babies start to have stomach problems(sometimes earlier, sometimes not at all-its a lottery)

I could take photos of your baby in 3 or even at 4 weeks, but the most important thing they he/she doesn’t have any rough stomach problems.

With stomach problems, there will be less posing-not every baby will stay in a shape like in mamma’s tummy or would stay naked on his stomach with a butt up. That’s why, please, contact me before delivery and keep updated. That’s how we can make the photoshoot comfy for you and your kid, and shots- unforgettable.


Where does the photo shoot happen?

Our cosy studio is located in SE164DG, London. Here we have everything needed for the shoot and you don't have to think about anything.
Due to lots of props, I'm only able to come to your place using a taxi covered by the client. + £250 to a package you select. In this case, I'm coming to your home with everything needed for the shoot.
We will discuss outfits and props in advance and I will take them along.

I will also guide you on how to prepare your place for the shoot. 

During the summer we are always able to combine photo sessions outdoor (for 1 or 2 outfits)


What you should bring with you?

In a studio, I have everything we need during the session. Including a big amount of clothes, props and decorations for any taste.

In advance we are discussing with you all details of the shoot: preferable colours and maybe even theme, and when you appear in a studio, everything is ready. All fabric backdrops and clothes are washed after every photo session. 

-The only thing you should bring with you it’s a dummy. No matter if you are not using it in a real life. It’s just easier to do posing with it’ if the baby is a little bit unhappy(the sucking reflex is quite intense).
- If you want to bring any props connected to your cultural background/ family hobby(like a bike helmet/guitar, sports jersey etc), please bring them and I'll integrate them in a session.

-For family pictures(advanced package), please select clothes in neutral monotonous colours like blue, white, grey, black, beige, brown…not too bright!
-IF YOU HAVE A DOG/CAT/RABBIT  or ANY friendly animal, I'm 100% for it. Don't be afraid, I love them all.


What to do if the baby still has a clip or newborn acne, others questions you might have ect.?

The clip will be easily covered under the body/romper/dress/trousers. All acnes and red spots will be edited in Photoshop later on. I’m not editing any birthmarks/freckles/hair/dried skin bits.

My goal is to photograph your baby as he/she is just without small things which are not photogenic.

-Please note that editing process will take up to 10 weeks(not including the time client is selecting his favorite pictures)

-All recommendations for the shoot, what should you take with you, what should wear parents, I would like to hear before the session in a chat or by phone call.

-NON-essential family members (grandparents, other relatives) have to leave straight after the family pictures. Only essentials have to stay during the session (parents and older kids)