Anna Dovgopolaya


Anna is the owner of CARJ studio.
Mostly working as a wedding, family and newborn photographer. Natural light fan.
The lead photographer at the weddings.
Loves dogs, pizza, cool cars and rad couples.




Currently in England

Daniel Kulakov


Daniel is a co-owner of CARJ studio.
Photographer and videographer, creative projects producer.
Now mostly works with music artists and dancers.




Currently in America.

Eduard Panichev


Eduard is 2nd shooter on big weddings, lead photographers on the weddings up to 6h.

On a side of wedding photography works in a studio: good at portraits, landscape, reportage photography.


Currently in Latvia

Vladislav Korjakin


Vladislav is a lead wedding videographer.
Having a cool cinematic taste, he is able to create amazing and alive memories of your family being registered. Vlad can
 catch emotions, words of love, glances… to collect important parts of this day into one whole… family films. 
Also working with commercials.

Currently in Latvia