1. Be there for the bride
Planning a wedding is stressful, so a bridesmaid duty is lending a helping hand or attentive ear to the bride.



2. Offer to help with planning
Now it isn’t your day however you can help the engaged couples search for wedding vendors or with other planning tasks.


3. Go wedding dress shopping 
Wedding dress shopping is a special experience for the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids usually join in this process for emotional support.



4. Pay for your own wedding attire and accessories 
Bridesmaids have to be on top of things and that includes your own attire.



5. Help organize and plan the bachelorette party
Planning the pre-wedding events is the maid of honor duty but it can be overwhelming, so offer some assistance so that the event goes off well.



6. Attend pre-wedding events
A bridesmaid has to celebrate with the bride-to-be. So, be available to participate in any events that the bride hosts.



7. Buy a wedding gift
It’s proper wedding etiquette to buy the happy couple a present so do your part and choose a gift they’ll love.


8. Keep the bride calm and happy
The couple will probably be nervous on their big day. So keep the stress and tension to a minimum and everything will be fine.



9. Help the bride get dressed
Getting into an intricate wedding dress is tough so bridesmaids assemble!


10. Have an emergency kit
A major responsibility as a bridesmaid is to help the maid of honor create a wedding-day emergency kit. Hopefully, it won’t be needed but it’s still important to be prepared.



11. Offer the bride and her family emotional support on the wedding day. 

Quiet words of reassurance, positivity, love, and support to the bride and her family are the duty of the bridesmaid.


12. Mingle with guests
The newlyweds are usually fashionably late for the reception so it falls on the wedding party to entertain the guests and keep things running smoothly.



13. Make sure the couple eats 
With the couple greeting and thanking all their guests for attending, they usually forget to eat. So make sure to put food in front of them.



14. Help send off the newlyweds
As a member of the wedding party, the most beloved people to the bride and groom, be sure to send the newlyweds on their way at the end of the celebration.